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Change the Pastor, Change the Church

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In the Spring of 2016, I was standing on the open fourth floor of a church in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It was 92 degrees and very humid. From this height, I looked out on the neighborhood surrounding the church in the middle of the central river district, one of the poorest areas [...]

Haitian Orphans Found in Rubble Now Preparing to Attend University

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On January 12 of 2010, a 7-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, its epicenter near the capitol of Port-au-Prince. Electricity, water, and communication infrastructure was destroyed, which hampered rescue operations and humanitarian aid. By January 24, fifty-two aftershock quakes had followed, and 150,000 people had died. 250,000 homes were destroyed, along with 30,000 commercial buildings. Pastor Miguel [...]