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Spontaneous Generosity

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5/14/18 When God puts his grace in a person’s heart and it spills out onto the lives of other people, we should sit up and pay attention. We should realize that the Holy Spirit is there. He is working his works. He is showing us something he wants us to learn and to do. Recently [...]

The GOC School Camp Success!

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March 31 Through April 7, 2018 The 2018 Spring GOC School Camp was a huge success, and already we are seeing much spiritual fruit as a direct result of the work. Since we finished up our week-long camp, many students are hungry to learn more and have started meeting several times a week with Franklin [...]

One Person At A Time

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It is easy to get caught up in big-picture ministry activity, and forget that God is at work building his church by calling one person at a time into his kingdom. The following story highlights the way God called a young woman, Crismayri Perez, to faith in Jesus Christ, and gave her a passion to [...]

Providing Facilities for the Daily Lives of Haitian Orphans

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I’ve previously written about the Shekinah Orphanage in Haiti that Pastor Miguel Castillo from the Dominican Republic established after the Haitian earthquake in 2010. In the aftermath of that awful catastrophe, he helped some Haitian pastors collect children whose parents were killed, and set up an orphanage for them in a safer location. The Shekinah Orphanage [...]

Change the Pastor, Change the Church

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In the Spring of 2016, I was standing on the open fourth floor of a church in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It was 92 degrees and very humid. From this height, I looked out on the neighborhood surrounding the church in the middle of the central river district, one of the poorest areas [...]

Haitian Orphans Found in Rubble Now Preparing to Attend University

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On January 12 of 2010, a 7-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti, its epicenter near the capitol of Port-au-Prince. Electricity, water, and communication infrastructure was destroyed, which hampered rescue operations and humanitarian aid. By January 24, fifty-two aftershock quakes had followed, and 150,000 people had died. 250,000 homes were destroyed, along with 30,000 commercial buildings. Pastor Miguel [...]

Meet Pastor Castillo

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Angel and Clara Castillo live in Santo Domingo, the capitol city of the Dominican Republic.  “Angelito” (as his friends know him) is a founder and preaching pastor of his church, Iglesia Fundamento Bíblico, situated in one of the poorest districts in his nation’s capital.  Pastor Castillo planted his church almost thirty years ago.  His son, [...]