Thank you for supporting Makers and Means International!

This page explains the several areas of ministry you can donate to.

When you click the donate button below, you will be redirected to a secure form to fill in your personal information. You will have a choice to direct your giving where you want it to go.

Giving Options

  1. MMI Administration – MMI has costs for running our ministry as we travel, gather new partners, and coordinate mission support. MMI runs a very tight ship, carefully using funds to the best advantage. Giving towards the administration of MMI makes it possible to accomplish our mission of expanding Gospel work.
  2. MMI Mission Field – 100 percent of all funds we receive for the mission field go directly to the mission field.
  3. MMI Musical Instrument Repair – these donations are used to repair and upgrade musical instruments used in the GOC academies, where hundreds of students hear the Gospel weekly as they learn art and music.